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Entering Millerecords, you immediately breathe an air of culture, of vinyl, of a world of music which has journeyed through the centuries of mankind’s walk on Earth by his side: from Pythagoras’ ‘Musical Mathematics’, from Sacred music to Gregorian Chorale, up to modern music, Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, up to the Twentieth Century and its various pathways, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock and subgenres, Fusion, Disco, Punk, New Wave and many others, which stem from the same Root. The vibrant sentiment of man who desires a connection with the divine, through Music, the Sublime Art which connects the visible world to the world of the ethereal, enables the Spirit of Man to sing in tune with the Transcendental and, by this path, to assemble with The Vibration of the Universe. Also: this trip not necessarily goes out of Itself, it may also be an inward journey which permits us to reach the collective spiritual dimension, the projection of the Universal Principle that bonds mankind together.

Inside our Sacred Temple, you will find any type of Musical Alchemy: vinyl records in 33   45   78 rpm, CDs  – new and used –  books on music, Rarities in Classical, Jazz, Rock and all the branches of the entire Tree of Music.