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Music Store in Rome

There is a special air inside Millerecords music store, that is one of music culture, vinyl, and the sounds that have been part of the history of mankind.

Everything from the musical mathematics of Pythagoras, from Gregorian chorale and early sacred music through to the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Romantics, and finally all of the ramifications of the Twentieth Century, with Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock and its offshoots of Fusion, Disco, Punk, and New Wave… all of it can be seen to stem from one and the same root.

records inside a music store

The human yearning to relate to the divine through music, this sublime art at the threshold between the visible ethereal worlds, is what enables us to tune in our spirit with the transcendental and harmonize with the fundamental vibration of the universe.

It is a journey that need not take us outside ourselves; it may be an experience of inward journey towards the collective dimension of the spirit that is the projection of the universal principle that unites all of humankind.

Millerecords is a shrine for all forms of musical alchemy: 33-45-78 rpm vinyl records, new and second-hand CDs, books, classical, jazz, and rock milestones and rarities, and music of all known genres from the great tree of music.