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The Store

It all started back in 1963 with the idea of a group of kids. We’d all grown up together in the Trionfale neighborhood of Rome, and we’d hang out at this bar called the Giava. We were young and beautiful, really cool, but we never had any money!

Most days we’d be on the lookout for work as extras at the Cinecittà Studios, until one evening at the bar we had an idea… My cousin ‘salsa parilla’, had an empty basement room on via Telesio, and I thought we should get some dance parties going there! We thought it was a brilliant plan and immediately got to work! I was in charge of the music… so I invested what little I had on 45s and stereo equipment.

It was a success!

News spread through word of mouth and we were getting people from all over town!

Then I had another idea: I could sell 45s at the parties! And that’s how I got into selling Music…“

                                                                                          Carlo Marignoli, the Founder