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Vinyl Records, CDs, Books on Music for Sale

people in a record store

Located in the centre of Rome, the record store Millerecords offers a large selection of vinyl records for sale, as well as CDs and variety of books on music subject.


At our record store, founded in 1972, you can always find:


Big Selection of Pop-Rock Music

From Rock’n’Roll and Blues Rock, Soul and Funk to Beat, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive, Punk, New Wave and Electronic. From the most famous masterpieces of Rock history to the less known and hidden treasures in the ocean of music.

hands searching for records


Big Range of Jazz

From its origins in 20s, New Orleans, Dixieland, Big Bands, Be-Bop, Hard Bop Cool Jazz to Free Jazz and Fusion.

vinyl records on a store counter


Large Department of Classical Music

Diversity of Operas, Symphonic and Chamber music, as well as Contemporary Classics (Avant-garde).

 record store


Majority of records for sale are second hand.

We give the major priority to first pressings and old reissues released during the period of 50s – mid-90s.

However, at Millerecords you can also find several new vinyls released within the last few years.


For more sophisticated music lovers and collectors we offer extremely rare records, live shows and limited editions.


There are different formats of records available at Millerecords: LP and EP in 33rpm, the small ones 45rpm known also as 7inch and those heavy phonograph records 78rpm.


Before they get to the counter, all the records are carefully checked, filtered and sorted by the owner of the store – Alessandro Marignoli. Only vinyls in excellent and good condition get for sale. All the rest of the records go to the stock at a lower price.


Alessandro Marignoli being a great connoisseur of music and expert in collectible vinyl records can help you with a choice if you have any doubt or need an advice.


We will be happy to see you in Rome at Millerecords: located not far from the Colosseum and the central train station Termini our record store is very easy to find