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Vinyl Records Cleaning Materials

Millerecords offers a complete kit for a proper vinyl record cleaning.

The store does not only bring you unique pieces of records but also encourages to take proper care of them. Purchasing cleaning materials from a trusted store let your masterpiece samples last longer.

There are following materials available at Millerecords for smoother vinyl record’s care:

Washable Dust Brush for Record Cleaning       High-Quality Solution for record cleaning       Washable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Record Cleaning

Sometimes,  when it comes to bringing the old dirty vinyls back to life, manual records wash at home is not enough even if you are using the high-quality cleaning materials.

Indeed, it might happen you find your old records collection in a very bad condition, as a result of keeping it for years in a storage room.

The forgotten vinyl records might look hopeless, often covered with old spots of dirt or even mould.

In such cases, a professionally detailed wash is recommended as a more efficient one.

You can find this washing service at our music store!

Contact us or pass by Millerecords store to learn more about the products and ways to keep your music records accurate and clean.