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Vinyl Records Wash Service

Prolong the joy of listening to your favourite vinyl records by benefiting from the Millerecords wash service.

Remember: the sound quality partially depends on the quality of the record’s wash.

At the shop, we offer careful, detailed and high-quality wash service for your precious vinyls. It does not only wash off the mould and dirty spots but also prevents your records from further damage. 

It is highly recommended for older vinyl records collections that require deeper cleaning, restoration and revival. 

The wash is performed by a professional “Okki Nokki” machine with a special cleaning solution that gently removes the imperfections and makes the records sound like new.



Get to know the conditions and prices of vinyl records wash service by contacting us through this form.

If your records are clean and only need a lighter wash, Millerecords music store offers various high quality, trusted cleaning materials.

Keep your collection safe and make sure there are no disastrous products being used.